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We have introduced ultra features restaurant technology billing POS software

Restaurant billing cum management software, getting all function in single window
operational and section level billing, Store as well as inventory management integrated with pos auto deduction function with pos eBill auto trigger features. Most unique features integration with aggregators.

Table Order2 Blue

Table Order

Generate instantaneous Kitchen Order Tickets, to prevent human errors while taking orders. View the full display of the menu items on the tablets.
Allow easy Order transfer and combine between tables.
Generate split bills on demand with smart restaurant billing software.
Track and optimize Table Turnover Time.


Takeaway Order

Takeaway order mostly use for parcel order and customer is waiting for ready parcel, Software trigger two KOT for Kitchen and customer where easy track which one order is unpaid and paid respectively. All the order section integrate with auto trigger notification SMS updates to the customers & allow them to view their bill on SMS.

Delivery Order Blue

Delivery Order

Easy way place generate delivery order and track option to check order status paid/unpaid, and after delivery done by restaurant person, Operator can easy to complete order.

Online Order Blue

Online Order

Accept orders from from multiple Online Ordering channels like Zomato, Swiggy, and Own Website directly at the POS with notification ring. Assign orders to the staff Delivery Boys based on their availability.
Collect customer data from Online Ordering Channels and update them to the CRM database. Simplify your Online Food Ordering process by letting your customers save their details such as Order History, & Address.

Front POS Software for greater efficiency of your outlet

Want to get rid of your paper menus, invoices, and receipts? Try Front POS, the best restaurant billing software ever! With our online and offline order management, you can keep track of all your orders. Front POS is compatible with all POS systems & Desktop android and tablet devices on the market so you don’t have to worry about buying a new one. And we come with many other features like auto-suggestion for prices based on food type or type of drinks, a touch-screen display for table ordering, and so much more.

Fingertips Backoffice management software

In this digital world, restaurant owners need to be tech-savvy to keep up with the times. Gone are the days of paper and pen where you need to know all the cooking tricks in the book to keep afloat. With Backoffice POS software, manage your entire business – from managing outlets, menus, inventory, recipes and offers – right from your fingertips!

From Software - Daily KOT 84000000Orders
Website Order - Daily 34000000Orders

Ultra Features

Features Grey
There are many features in POS restaurant software
Section wise Grey

Section Wise Billing

Would you like to know what time your customer arrives, their total bill, and the table they sat at? Section Wise Billing its call department such as family dining table, AC Hall tables, Non Ac tables. can track and Order manage

Inventory Management Grey

Inventory Management

Inventory Management features developed for stock tracking solution for you! this features is helps to know to restaurant stock purchase and recipes consumption record.

Store Management Grey

Store Management

Store Management features is helps to know to restaurant. this features  not only monitors stock but also its transfer voucher create for one outlet to another.  what stock have in store and which one is transferable and from which outlets Head office got request for ingredients about to out of stock,

Menu Management Grey

Menu Management

Menu Management features is helps to know to restaurant create new menu and manage old rates each item and discount and much more, also easy to set discount on item.

Brand Management Grey

Brand Management

Brand Management features is helps to know to restaurant, which one brand is popular, easy step configure item in brand menu section and track which brand’s items is selling on high/low volume. according to this Register Trademark.

User Management Grey

User Privilege

User Privilege is main security function in software, where from create departmental wise create new user and allow/disallow operation according to designation likewise Purchase manage/ restaurant manage, Cashier and waiter and etc.

Expanses Entries Grey

Expanses Management

Expanses Management this features helps to manage all expenses in restaurant create voucher and track where money is expense. such as Vendor payment daily utility expense and other relevant in restaurant.

Stock Transfer Grey

Stock Transfer Voucher Creation

This features helps to restaurant’s warehouse department if have, whenever got live request from different outlets regarding ingredients stock restocking in outlet. can track live stock position and create transfer voucher and outlet get receiving voucher live also.

Recipe Management Grey

Drag and Drop Recipe Configured

Recipe Management is the perfect solution for you! With it, you’ll be able to track your recipes consumption, to avoid wasting your hard-earned money on food that would otherwise go to waste. its Easy configure ingredients add in particular item track each item cost and auto deduction functionality live.

KOT Management Grey

KOT Management

KOT Management, where KOT trigger to print different item from different kitchen department. also configure up to 100 thermal printer in software.

Anti thief Grey

Anti-Thief Features

Control and track unauthorized KOT deleted from every bill after receipt print or paid. and track time wise deleted item live.

CRM Grey

CRM Management

CRM this features is automatic workflow developed in software where restaurant owner manage each customer order history and amount and offer to them new discount.


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